Factual Data


My estimate of 1.5 gallons of residual water in a load of wet laundry was slightly high. I did an average-size load of darks yesterday (including two towels) and took measurements:

Weight before washing: 13.5 lbs
Weight after washing: 22.0 lbs
Weight of residual water: 8.5 lbs
Volume of residual water: 1.06 gallons

Valerie said…
Only 1 gallon? Great! If you’re tempted to run a humidifier during the winter, now all you have to do is hang your laundry all over your radiators (or over your woodstove, if you want to live on the edge). If you’re worried about aesthetics, well, I guess it just means you need nicer clothes.

11/21/08 3:26 PM
Anonymous said…
Just remember that anything that slows the velocity of air exiting your dryer will decrease it’s efficiency (using more energy) and potentially create a fire hazard if lint collects nearer the hot center of the dryer.

11/22/08 11:38 PM
jcat said…
Are you sure you were meant to become a psychiatrist? Somehow actuary or ….accountant…. seems more fitting

11/23/08 1:57 PM
Anonymous said…
Fascinating. So this is what you do when you can’t play outside. It’s going to be a loooooong winter.

11/25/08 10:19 AM

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