It’s Not Winter’s Fault

I mentioned before that the complaints of “it’s too dry in the winter” may have more to do with excessive indoor heating than with actual climatic conditions. Here’s a graph of the Smallish City’s annual humidity pattern, which seems to confirm:

This shows that there is almost no seasonal change in afternoon humidities. There is a slight seasonal change in morning humidity (ranging from about 75% to 85%), but even this is not a clear winter/summer effect– it’s as humid in December as it is in June, and the least-humid month is actually April.

Right now, in spite of being 16F / -9C outside, we do have 73% humidity. Unfortunately by warming things up to 48F / 9F indoors here, I’ve lowered the humidity to about 20%, which is a bit dry. Still, I’ve had much less in the way of chapped lips, etc., this winter than usual. If I heated the house up to 68F / 20C, the humidity would be only 10%… parching.


One Response to “It’s Not Winter’s Fault”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Wow, now you seem to be arguing that nine (C) is interior temperature is “excessive”? Ok, I know you’re not, but what about 14C?

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