Bad Combination

The temp outside has been hovering around 11F/-12C for the past 24 hours, which is reasonably chilly. The bedroom dipped down within a few degrees of freezing last night. That wasn’t a problem per se– what is a problem is that I’ve come down with a rather unpleasant cough and sore throat.

This can hardly be blamed on the Cold House, as most of my Warm House friends & relations had their first unpleasant cough and sore throat of the season some time ago. But, I am here to testify, that having a URI really messes up your cold tolerance. Thanks to really cranking the space heater and some prodigious production of gingerbread men in the oven, the kitchen is almost up to 60F/16C, for sure the warmest it’s been in weeks. Yesterday I was at the point where 50F or even colder felt perfectly comfortable. But with this illness, even 60 feels cold. It’s kind of depressing.

I’m pretty sure that if I can eek it out through this cold snap and/or this head cold, I’ll have clear sailing at least to New Year’s, and maybe straight through to spring. We shall see.

One Response to “Bad Combination”

  1. Johanna Says:

    I hope you feel better soon… last time I was sick, about three weeks ago, I cranked the furnace and then sat on the register with a blanket making a big tent around me to capture all that was coming out. I’m sure it was 30 degrees (C) or more in my little cocoon of heat, and still, I was so very very cold. Until about 12 hours later, when I woke up having in a pool of sweat in my bed of many blankets. And then repeat…Point being, though, after about 24 hours of hot cold hot cold, my sensible temperature mechanisms returned to normal, and I had not ruined myself to have to live in a much warmer house. I’m sure you will happily return to your cold miser status.

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