P.S. On A/C

I was just perusing our federal government’s [rather limited] tax credits for homeowner energy-conservation measures. I was somewhat unhappy to see that we give credits for purchasing “energy-efficient” A/C systems. And even more unhappy to see that this credit ($300) is twice the credit for energy-efficient heat furnaces ($150). And did I get any tax credits for the three $30, 100W window fans that I use instead of A/C? Nooo.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to pay people $500 to have no A/C? Or give such people free fans? Or at least a letter of merit? One has to suspect the long arm of the A/C industry lobby when you see these sorts of things.


One Response to “P.S. On A/C”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Funny, I had the same rant last summer, though I included clothes dryers in my contempt.However, the logic is consistent with Kyoto Protocol – idea being that one’s reduction is a percentage of previous use. Assumption would be that these people would already have energy-sucking units, and this might motivate them to go to slightly less sucking units. In the grand scheme of things, these people are the industrialized nations. You, sir, are a poor nation in Africa. Your 10% reduction is worth less than that dude’s in the 4000sq ft home who drives the SUV and keeps the inside temperature lower in summer than winter.Just saying…

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