This Made Me Happy

I had a phone message this morning from the nice guy who supplies my fuel oil. He said, “I noticed on your last delivery that your X-factor has more than doubled since last year. [The x-factor is an estimate they use to predict when you will be running low on oil and need a delivery.] So the computer is telling us to wait almost an extra month before bringing you oil, and I’m worried that it’s a mistake and you might run out of oil. And I’m also worried that if it isn’t a mistake, your furnace isn’t supplying enough heat for you. So, just give me a call and let me know what’s going on.”

I was joking the other day that the oil guys would be surprised, when they came to deliver, by how little it took to fill the tank. But it didn’t occur to me that they’d be so concerned about it that they’d call to ask about it!

6 Responses to “This Made Me Happy”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Which oil company do you use? Impressive customer service!

  2. Green Grrl Says:

    I love this. 🙂 I’ve been wondering what my electricity and natural gas companies have been thinking about our reduction in consumption. Wish they’d call me!And congrats on keeping with it. I’m very impressed. Will you be posting your total oil consumption for this winter when the spring comes? I’m sure you will have done better than me!

  3. GirlTuesday Says:

    i agree with anonymous. it’s good customer service, but it’s also a legitimate concern, given the number of folks in this state that cannot afford oil/heat.

  4. bill Says:

    Turbo – Have you had any pipes or faucets freeze this winter? How do you keep that from happening?

  5. Turboglacier Says:

    Bill,No frozen pipes or faucets. Initially I had been worried about this, and a couple times left a faucet dripping for a while as prevention. But now I’ve decided frozen pipes are very improbable. I attribute to the following:1) I have no plumbing in outside walls (that seems to me like a disaster waiting to happen).2) The plumbing is simple (two bathrooms, one kitchen sink, that’s it.)2) All of the water “‘pipes” in the house are actually PEX plastic, which is less conductive than metal and so provides a slight extra delay to freezing.3) The two bathrooms each contain a substantial heat-sink (aka tank of toilet water) which significantly slow cooling of the area when temps get down towards freezing.4) The kitchen is kept the warmest place in the house.5) A slight bit of heat transfer through the shared wall with my neighbor helps keep us above freezing, but I think that the effect is minimal once another wall or two is in between.6) The activities of everyday life (lights, cooking, bathing, appliance use, human and cat body heat) release enough heat that it would be difficult to get the house down below freezing when we’re home and the outside temps are anything but brutal. If my housemate and I were both away for a few days, that would be a concern. Indeed, around here, you usually hear of people’s pipes freezing when they’re off on vacation.

  6. Not Burning Enough Fossil Fuel Again « Cold House Journal Says:

    […] readers may remember the time at the previous Cold House (a couple years back) when my heating-oil supplier called because he noticed I wasn’t using nearly as much oil as usual.  He was genuinely concerned that my furnace was broken and I was freezing.  That was […]

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