Heating Season – Over??

From an email from Housemate this afternoon:

“I’d like propose something. Let’s turn the heat off March 1st!”

How can I say no?

5 Responses to “Heating Season – Over??”

  1. Johanna Says:

    So this was really truly all house-mate’s idea? Unprompted by, say, baleful stares in the direction of the thermostat on your part, or perhaps a mad dash to your computer to check your bank balance every time she flicked that big emergency shutoff switch back to “on”? Impressive.

  2. C Neal Says:

    When I got the facebook message that your heat was going off on the 1st, I’d assumed that the housemate was moving out. Go for it, and I’ll join you (my heat’s been off for the past three days). I think it’s getting easier now that the days are getting longer, anyhow…

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Oh the tragic power of the type-o . . . .

  4. brushfiremedia Says:

    Is the heat un-turned-on, then?

  5. Turboglacier Says:

    Oh yeah! There’s still a snowbank 12 feet high across the backyard fence, but the heat was officially switched off at 11:30 last night. Perhaps not to come back on until 2010? Or longer??Happy spring to all!

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