A Day In The Cold Life

Thought you might be interested in the various routines that have developed here, over the winter, for keeping the place livably warm. Here’s how a typical weekday runs:

– Wake up
– Turn off the electric blanket (aka “The Roaster”), if on (sometimes set at 2 out of 10 overnight– which uses about 1/4 kWh, or 4¢, of electricity.)
– Get up and immediately put on slippers, fleece, maybe hat/toque.
– Go downstairs and flip on the boiler switch to activate hot water.
– Wait 5 minutes for hot water. In meantime, make coffee. Maybe use toilet. Flush with cold water from designated vessels (see below.)
– Turn on bathroom heat-reclamation devices (fan, dehumidifier– see upcoming whacknut post.)
– Empty cold water from bathtub (see below.)
– Take nice hot shower. Keep plug in tub drain. Warm water will stay in tub until it is cold (see recent whacknut post.)
– Exit shower. Dry off in relatively warm bathroom (has usually gone from about 52F to 68F). Turn off reclamation devices.

– Turn off boiler switch. Using kitchen tap, run remaining hot water into designated vessels (old joint compound bucket, old mini beer keg) until all the boiler tank runs cool– about 7 gallons. Cover vessels and leave in kitchen to cool.
– If it looks like a sunny day, open blinds on the west side of house (only side that gets direct sun in winter.)
– Go to work.

– Come home.
– Close window blinds, if opened.
– Move designated vessels of cooled water from kitchen (which is warmest place in house) to half-bathroom (coldest place) to complete cooling.
– Warm up kitchen, if needed, with various combinations of space heater, cats, baking, cooking, candles, body heat, and Led Zeppelin with the subwoofer turned up high.
– If needed for bathing or domestic chores, turn the hot water back on. If the dishwasher is run, collect the hot-water discharge in a big bucket and keep in kitchen till cooled. Same with washing machine, if using warm-water cycle. Turn hot water off again.
– 15 minutes before bed, turn Roaster on “10” (180W).
– Get in bed. Turn Roaster off, or down to “2” if it’s a cold night.
– Night-night.


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