J. and I were interviewed by USA Today last week for their story “Households take up challenge to be chilly“, and we got a little mention at the end of the article. (You might be concerned about the idea of using hot water bottles and electric blankets together in bed– please rest assured that we did not have these operating at the same time. And, we’ve since discontinued the water bottle use anyway.)

The comments on the USA Today article range from encouraging to extremely frightening. There is a large contingent of Americans who openly oppose energy conservation, efficiency, simplicity, and anything else that makes them think there is a socialist conspiracy against them. They left comments like these:

“Stupid. These idiotic greenies won’t be happy until we ALL return to the horse and buggy. Funny thing about these eco freaks is that they are not happy to just do it themselves. They insist that everyone join their ridiculous ‘religion’.” [I am happy doing it myself. Did I even invite you? I did not.]

“Other than cost reduction, why do I need to conserve if I have the means to pay for the energy use?” [I don’t know. Why do I need to not shoot you, if I have the spare bullets?]

“There you go. Lower our standard of living one household at a time! Obama’s trickle up poverty in action.”

“Well, I guess I’m just an old curmudgeon. I keep the house at 71 throughout the heating season and that’s as low as I will go. Sell crazy somewhere else; we’re all stocked up here.” [So I see.]

“These people are just useful idiots!” [Uh- thanks? Or did you mean useless? U can haz high school?]

“As far as running one’s house without a furnace, that’ll continue until someone’s in-wall plumbing freezes and splits a pipe. [In-exterior-wall plumbing is foolish in places where it routinely gets below freezing outside. But see post coming soon on the topic of pipes.]

“People arent the ones making the planet warmer, deal with it. The earth is a large volcanic eruption away from blocking out the sun, I bet if we throw enough liberals in one, itll get angry and erupt. Maybe then they will be happy.” [So global warming is the only reason you can think of for not burning as much oil as we possibly can? Really, you can’t think of one other reason?]

“I’ll do what I want with my heat until this dictator Ozama his new Heating Czar takes my furnance out of my house! This community dis-organizer and his band of moorons has basically overstepped its’ boundaries at every turn. Just say NO to socialism in America (Chicago style) to take your country back!” [Must I comment on this?]

“How about maintaining some common sense and keeping the temperature inside the house at a normal level? My neighbor has all kinds of insulation on his pipes… I don’t have any. I don’t need any. I keep my inside house temperature at a normal level and I have no problems.” [This guy is proud of his lack of insulation? I am not sure this could get any more effed up.]

“My house I will do as I want! Again my house until the democrats send teams around to check my thermostat or have the utilities turn it down automatically.” [My toy! You no touch! I don’t wanna share! Baaaaah!]

“These people are probably the same people who are hyper-milers who go around with their cars coasting down hills in neutral (to save money of course) – which in turn is not only illegal but puts other at risks. If you want to be efficient to that extreme then go for it… just don’t affect my life with that.” [Not sure how I am affecting this guy’s life with my house temperature, other than maybe saving some oil for his grandkids to burn in 2040. Also, this guy is probably the same guy who drives a monster SUV or king-cab “dualie” pickup, just to impress people, meanwhile endangering the lives of everyone on bikes, on foot, and in smaller cars…]


“This is just more faux environmentalism that makes people feel like they are doing something (in this case freezing their bu++s off) when in fact they are doing nothing. It’s like people that take these so-called eco-tours or eco-cruises.” [??]

“screw that. I think I’ll turn up my thermostat a bit to make up for these yahoos trying to reduce their “carbon footprint” I would like to see a contest built around who can generate the most carbon dioxide per person.” [Hope you aren’t procreating.]

“Wow, that looks like tons of fun. Huddling around the TV while shivering in your own home.” [What TV? And, more fun in my home than in yours, I’m guessing.]

4 Responses to “Interviewed”

  1. Green Grrl Says:

    I experienced the same type of comments when the article about living without a fridge broke. So many commenters seemed to think that this was somehow my 'religion' and I was trying to 'convert' them (which like you is not at all the case). And the comments about wanting to use more carbon to make up for the carbon being saved are just bizzare.What I figure is that these folks who voice their opionions so loudly and bitterly are doing so because they are actually in the minority. It's not their fault that they have been fed a lot of misinformation about climate change. It's pervasive. And anyway, we do what we do because it's a way of life that makes sense for us and that honours our values. It's not about what other people think.Keep on keeping on Turboglacier. You are a hero to many.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Well, in my single-wide trailer with no furnace, I have heat tapes on the pipes and drains…takes very little juice to keep the pipes from freezing and I don't have to overheat the house just to keep the pipes from freezing.Windrider

  3. James Says:

    Hey, look at that, I was quoted in the interview. And I'm not anywhere near as hard core as some of you! Weird… I still cannot get over how these people who are so afraid of 50 degrees get worked up. Seriously… calling me an Obamanazi just makes you look stupid. I turned my thermostat down, in my house, because I wanted to. I never came to your house and demanded the same. Sheesh! Get over yourself!

  4. brushfiremedia Says:

    I wonder how many of these people air condition their homes to below 71 degrees in the heat of the summer? Probably a frighteningly high percentage.When it's 71 degrees outside I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt and complaining about the heat wave.

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