Good Weather Coming

Forecast for Thursday night is 4ºF/-20ºC with a 20 mph wind ( = windchill around -14/-26). This starts to get interesting now.

So far we haven’t had more than two standard electric space heaters (max 1.5 KW each) going at any given time, and usually only one– and that only when we’re home and awake. So far, nothing running when we’re out or asleep. We haven’t turned on the propane space heater in the cellar except for a couple hours to test it on “low”. With these habits, and various heat-retention strategies, the temps in the main living area have been holding in the 50-58º range (colder elsewhere). The wood stove continues to look beautifully ornamental in the living room; waiting for parts to install it. Maybe this weekend, if the planets align.

Had a call from a Canadian talk-radio producer, inquiring about an interview. Exciting! I heart Canadians!

One Response to “Good Weather Coming”

  1. hilllady Says:

    Is the show "As It Happens"? That's the best!

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