Yep, cold.

Heading off to bed now. It’s 6ºF outside, with a pretty good breeze too. Still, the bedroom is about 45º. I have a remote thermometer sensor wedged in the one set of pipes that I have concerns about freezing (in the cellar)– it’s 42º in that spot. I ran a little warm water down that drain just in case. I’ve been brainstorming ways to keep pipes from freezing other than turning on the furnace. Have thought of at least four so far– a future post. Ideas?


One Response to “Yep, cold.”

  1. Doug Says:

    Hmmm, four ways… Pipe insulation is a given any way you look at it, so other than that I see…

    heat tape (thermostatically controlled or no)

    space heating only where the pipes are (electric, waste warm water, etc)

    keep faucets dripping (thermostatically controlled with a solenoid or no, heat comes from ground)

    install a hot-water circulator (heat comes from water heater)

    replace copper/plastic pipes with PEX, which can freeze (though not through repeated cycles)

    some sort of thermostatically controlled blast-out air compressor (pipes get cold, opens faucets, opens pressurized air valve, closes valves, done). Exceedingly complicated, but operationally efficient.

    In that same vein, re-plumb your house to make it a drainback system.

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