We had a visit this morning at the house from a super-nice news team from WMTW-8. They read about our little experiment in the USA Today article and wanted to interview us for a TV news segment (presumably, the “Your Weird Neighbors” featurette series, or something.) Anyway J. and I tried to answer their questions and they were very encouraging. I don’t think we converted them, though– the cameraman mentioned that he has a pet snake which needs to stay warm, so that’s definitely a roadblock for him.

Anyway, if you’re local you can watch us tonight on the news, 6pm!

Meanwhile: it was a wicked cold one last night, down to around 1ºF/-17ºC. The cellar pipe area dipped down to 41, and the bedroom was about the same– yet, believe it or not, J. and I both felt overwarm this morning (we kept the electric blanket on “3” [out of 10] overnight, and wore socks to bed– both of which are not typical.)

It’s warmed up to 19ºF outside now, so that’s downright toasty. J. has a friend coming to spend the weekend; maybe we’ll let her do a guest entry, if her typing fingers aren’t frozen.

2 Responses to “TV”

  1. Jennifer Says:

    Looking forward to the segment on Channel 8 tonight!

  2. Doug Says:

    Did anyone record the segment for youtube fame?

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