Frosted Flakes

Beautiful crystals on the Cold House windows.  Nicer than diamonds.  My humble opinion.


4 Responses to “Frosted Flakes”

  1. Heather Says:

    Not entirely sure that J would concur with your analysis….

  2. theora55 Says:

    Pretty, but a sign of an uninsulated window. I only get frost on my car windows, and then only if there’s too much moisture in the car. I kind of miss frost patterns, but I like having insulated windows.

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      “Pretty, but a sign of an uninsulated window.”

      Yes and no… depends how cold your house is! Those crystals aren’t on the inside panes– they’re on the storm window panes. But, they disappear (melt) at the odd moments that a room gets up to 65º or so. Which I take to be a sign of too much heat! We could spend many, many thousands of dollars on new latest-and-greatest windows, but at the temps we’ve become accustomed to living at, I think it would take at least a decade, or more, for them to pay for themselves.

  3. Not a shiver in sight « Cold House Journal Says:

    […] share a few photos.  I can’t tell you whether I find the flowers more beautiful than the ice crystals on the winter windows, but it seems like sort of a miracle that we get to see both in the space of a few months here. […]

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