I spent much of the weekend working on the installation of our wood stove.  The goal was to have it done, inspected, permitted, and broken in by the time our various Christmas guests arrive– but it won’t be.  I’m hoping now that we might be able to fire it up for New Year’s (just as we turned on the furnace New Year’s day last year.)

Honestly, though, the project has lost some of its urgency.  In November, when we moved in, it seemed critical to get the thing going.  But after getting through a 0ºF/-18ºC night without it last week just fine, I’ve started to think of the stove as more of a home accessory than a heating necessity.  Nonetheless, it will be really nice to watch the fire, someday.

The big step over the weekend was cutting a ten-inch hole through the wall.  The day when I had time to do it happened to be the tail end of the big east coast blizzard; sadly most of that storm missed us, but still we had swirling light snow and whipping wind.  It was almost literally howling through the hole for an hour or two while I worked on shimmying and connecting things.  Now it’s stuffed with insulation until I can get to the next stages.

Oh, and here’s Piper trying to keep her distance from four 4-foot sections of beautiful stainless steel Class-A chimney.  It’s kind of cool stuff– I rather like it as art in the house.

One Response to “Hole”

  1. Linda Naslund Says:

    It’s hard to believe that there are others who live like this! I started back in 1991, when George Sr. took our troops to Iraq. That just made me so angry…like HE cared about anything but oil. Turned off the furnace (oil) and dragged my husband out wood cutting with me. Now we only turn the furnace on if the pipes in the basement are likely to freeze.
    We have the advantage of living in an old house (1904) and a temperate climate (Oregon). There are many doors to close in order to isolate living in a small area…we use two rooms (kitchen and the room with the stove, computer, TV and soft chairs). The bathroom is upstairs (and cold), but who stays long, anyway? At night we warm the bedroom with one of those little oil-filled radiator heaters, but turn everything off before sleep. I just love living in the reality of the season. Who can appreciate the heat of summer, without the cold of winter?
    So strange…I had just come in from splitting kindling and wondered if other people felt as I did. JUST as I found Cold House Journal, the ABC news came on…with YOU on it. Salut!!!

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