Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know you have to come down the chimney to bring me presents, and I know that I failed to finish installing the chimney by Christmas.  So I guess you won’t be able to bring me any presents, and I guess it’s my own fault.  But listen, all I really want for Christmas is a 17-foot Simpson DuraTech 6″ stainless-steel Class A chimney.  Can you use the sleigh as a skyhook?  If so, maybe you could swing by and install it for us from above, if that’s not too much trouble.  You don’t have to come down it if you don’t want, but you might as well since it will be really clean.  We have some leftover chocolate mousse cake which we’ll leave out for you and the reindeer.  Sincerely yours, -D.

One Response to “Dear Santa,”

  1. brushfire Says:

    How’d your letter work out?

    If you still have no chimney when we get back from the wooly north on Jan 4, I’ll block out some time to help.

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