It’s a pretty big day here at the Cold House.  I spent all of Christmas day, and most of the following weekend, working on the wood stove installation.  Friend D. came over on Sunday to help with the final chimney-construction push.  This morning the Assistant Fire Chief of our town came over to do the official inspection and permitting.  I was at work, but J. reported that he found the set-up flawless, and commented that it was better-installed than many “professional” jobs.  (In fact, he told J. that, based on his inspection of their work, some of the professional installers “must be on crack”.)  Anyway, I was bursting with pride.

Tonight we had our first of three prescribed “break-in” fires, using just kindling and keeping the surface temperature at 200ºF for an hour.  J. and I sat on pillows and watched the flames while eating pizza.  It was grand.


6 Responses to “Crackle”

  1. Bridget Says:

    Welcome to the wonderful world of wood burning radiant heat!!! Watch out, it is addicting!!!

    Congrats on your ‘better than professional’ instillation!

  2. dragonfly Says:

    Yay. Also, your fahrenheit/centigrade button with current temperature makes it so much easier for those of us who aren’t Americans…I really should remember the conversion ratio though.

  3. James Says:

    I haven’t been by in a few weeks – must say, that’s a really good looking wood burning stove. Congratulations!

  4. Val Says:

    Your an inspiration! Watching a fire lowers your blood pressure.

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