Boy, it can be hard dealing with some of the critics of the Cold House experiment (and by “critics”, I mostly mean “my friends”).   Over the past few weeks, several pals have said ,”You know, I don’t think you really want to keep your house cold– you just want to be energy-efficient” (this in response to our installing a wood stove).  Others have said, “You know, I don’t think you really want to be energy-efficient– you just want your house to be cold and weird” (this in response to my not installing geothermal heating, or a pellet stove, or applying more insulation to the house before starting all this.)

It’s not so black-and-white here, people.  We’re trying to save some energy.  We’re trying to use more-renewable energy.  We don’t mind (almost like) the house chilly.  We’re don’t have a furnace, ducts, heating water pipes, steam pipes, thermostat wiring, “zones”, or permanent radiators, and we’re interested to see whether people can live a normal life without all that complex and expensive stuff– but that doesn’t mean we aren’t “allowed” to have a wood stove.   Lastly we (well, I) am interested in learning about human beings’  mental and physical ability to adapt to new environments– colder ones, particularly.  That’s it.

7 Responses to “Critics”

  1. brushfire Says:

    You should mostly just ignore us, I suspect!

  2. J Says:


  3. Val Says:

    I think it is a very grand thing that you are doing. As Americans we have become too soft. We would never survive the hardships that made this country what is is. I can’t see any of my neighbors in covered wagons traveling across a prairie. We have just purchased a 1821 house and it has been modernized but my goal is to live as simply and close to the land as I can. No TV or X-box. We don’t get very good cell phone reception there and I think that is wonderful! My children will be better for all this. We will have internet so I’m not all old fashioned.

  4. girltuesday Says:

    oh i heart the new page! (particularly the snowfall.) i say critics be damned. we love you.

  5. dragonfly Says:

    I think it is great…but then I am not your friends. I grew up in mainly very tropical places. But dressing for the weather – a jumper or even *shock* long john thermals when it is snowing outside never killed anyone. There is no need to be wandering round in a bikini when snowbound….

  6. Val Says:

    Keep it up! You are on a worthy quest! People believe what they are told by marketers and people trying to sell them things. My goal with my new-old house (1821) is to furnish it completely with hand-me downs and cast offs. To do the same with as many “improvements” as I can. A greenhouse of discarded old windows is something I’ve always wanted to build. Now I have the space. I was a graphic designer/marketing person for 20 years in Boston and then jumped ship to be a nurse. Now I feel that I am making a difference in peoples lives. No longer do I think of the market/demographics and the angle to sell a product. I can see right through all the adds out there. We have become so gullible that we believe what we are told that we “need” what the neighbors have.
    People have to get back to where they can identify a need from a want.
    The secret to finical security is spend less than you make.

  7. Mara Says:

    Why wouldn’t you insulate? Without that, you’re wasting resources, even if they are renewable. Still takes years to renew. Still environmentally unfriendly, wasting resources. I don’t get it. It’s ok to waste wood but not other resources? Waste is waste is waste.

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