Just having breakfast while tending the second break-in fire of the Jøtul.  Two things I am sure of already:  (1) Our firewood is, mostly, in pieces much too large for our ideal use.  I’m going to have to split a lot of it down into semi-kindling, or we’re going to be roasting ourselves out of the house (i.e., getting up towards 70º).  (2)  Even though we only have two cords of wood, it’s going to be way too much wood for one winter, and probably too much for two winters.  I suppose there are worse problems a person could have.

One Response to “Fuel”

  1. Peggy Merrill Says:

    Dear people, i was SO glad to have found your site:stumbled onto it while wandering around the internet, i don’t remember just exactly how. I am widely regardeed as either a hopeless skinflint [some justification for this] or a poverty case[entirely correct] because while i do own a very nice new furnace, i never turn the thermostat any higher than 60. This allows me to use around 600 gallons of costly oil each winter. I have been doing this since i bought this house from KVCAP in the summer of 2004. KVCAP kindly insulated it for me during the winter of 2006. Before the insulation job, the house used upwards of 700 gallons each winter, with the same thermostat setting, and it used to be uncomfortably drafty in the winter. This new furnace plus the insulation job have done me real good. But some friends still ask anxiously whether i am really ok, “living in that cold house like you do”. So far i have been more than ok, and so have been my 2 housemates and my dog and cat. On occasion i get a housemate who wants to tamper with the thermostat when i am not at home, and i evict these as soon as i figure out what they are up to. i bank the house with plastic every fall and pull it off when the weather warms up, and that is helpful too. Will be reading your blog from now on, you can bet. Thankyou for being here.
    Peggy Merrill

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