Outside: 14F/-10C

Kitchen, where I sit with oatmeal: 48F/9C

Ft. Lauderdale, FL, where my brother’s family is:  51F/11C  (brrrr!)

Soon J. will wake up and start the fire, but I’ll be at the office before it gets warm(er) in here…

2 Responses to “Today”

  1. Colleen E. Boyd Says:

    This is really inspiring! We live in central IN where it gets pretty cold too – we’ve lived in southern New England and this is comparable to that. We’ve heated with wood in the fireplace, small space heaters, blankets between doorways (we live in an old house) and stay warm with warm clothes. This year, I have kept the thermostat at 63 degrees most days but your blog (and the news story on ABC tonight) inspires me to set it even lower.

    How do you deal with showers, etc? And do you not use A/C in the summer? We are moving into a tiny Victorian cottage soon and it has an old gas heater for the whole house (800 sq feet) and a window unit for the summer. Its all very low BTUs and we could not be more thrilled! Anyway, thanks for helping others to think outside the box!

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      Colleen– not sure what you mean by “deal with” showers– a hot shower is often the bestest part of the day (and the only thing that can motivate us from under warm covers in the morning!) If you were asking whether we take ice-cold showers, no, are not that tough.

      About A/C, no, we have none. It’s not very common in Maine homes, generally. But there are always a few too-hot nights in the summer, so last year I tried this at our old house. It was very successful.

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