Ah, the famed “January thaw”.  Here it is, right on schedule– smack in the mid of January, the temperature went up to about 38 yesterday and 42 today.  Feels like spring!  J. was inside yesterday, and probably didn’t notice the warming outdoors– the wood stove snuck up on her and it got almost to 70 inside.  Yikes!  Now we’re back to a more-respectable 62º– but it’s still 34 outside, even after dark.  Might have to leave the windows open if it’s this warm again tomorrow.

Ironically, this should be coldest week of the year…. see next post.

One Response to “Thaw”

  1. brushfire Says:

    Wait, if the thaw is right on schedule, but this is also the historically coldest week… I’m confused.

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