Ethics: Professional Opinion

Speaking of the NY Times, I happened across a bit in Randy Cohen’s “The Ethicist” column from last spring which addresses the exact issue that some friends/cranks brought up here last winter.  Namely: If your dwelling shares a wall with a neighbor, is it ethical to turn your thermostat down (or even, gasp, off) if you find cooler temperatures bearable/preferable?

Mr. Cohen came to the same conclusion I did (yes, it is ethical) via largely the same reasoning.  Knowing that this issue has been pondered by the nation’s best-known ethicist, and his decision published in a newspaper of record, makes me feel better.

This winter, of course, we’ve moved and no longer have any wall-sharing neighbors (i.e., we have become “normal Americans”– or at least edged a bit in that direction).  The loss of wall-sharing turned out to have little impact on anything. Instead of a neighbor blocking the entire south side of our house, we now have sun beating down on us (when it’s sunny).  I think, overall, it’s a wash.

2 Responses to “Ethics: Professional Opinion”

  1. brushfire Says:

    Coldhousejournal, you’ll never be a “normal American” and thank god for that!

    Still waiting for that new-cold-house-house-warming party, btw….

  2. John Says:

    Yep, parties are good: more people, more bodyheat.

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