Like A Tropical Vacation

Wow.  More January thaw today– up to 50º briefly– twenty degrees warmer than it should be and just one degree shy of record-high.  Plus, heavy rain and exceptional wind.  Walking downtown today I was a little fearful that a stop sign might rip off its post and come flying at my head.  Still lots of snow around, though.  We’re going to have some serious ice-banks when this all re-freezes.

Anyway, no fire needed tonight!  More concerned at the moment with the cellar flooding than with frozen pipes.  But the frostiness will be back– by the end of the week they’re forecasting lows down in the single digits again.

2 Responses to “Like A Tropical Vacation”

  1. Mara Says:

    Hi guys! Just read about you in the NY Times and wanted to say bravo for doing this! I recently moved out of my parents house and in to an apartment in Boston and have managed to keep the thermostat off for the most part. I’m interested to see how this trend will catch on! the blog and will keep reading through this winter!

  2. melissa Says:

    I’ll take the warm weather where-ever we can get it. We had to keep our boiler going because it heats the hot water but so far today only had to use eight sticks of wood!

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