Morning Hai-Kuld

Eighteen degrees out

Not all is warm in J’s world

Forty-two in bed.

5 Responses to “Morning Hai-Kuld”

  1. brushfire Says:

    Tell me that that’s 42 in the bedroom, not in the bed itself!

  2. val Says:


  3. John Says:

    I’m with brushfire!

  4. J. Says:

    More like 72 in the bed. Toasty warm!

  5. Atticus Says:

    i think you are on the right track all right. My own odyssey with low temps came with the demise of my electric water heater. I had to sponge bathe for about a week until I located a public sauna nearby. By then I had gotten used to the lack of hot water, so when a new water heater was installed I started taking “submarine showers” – in which you get wet with hot water, turn off the flow at the showerhead while soaping up and then rinse with more hot water for 30 seconds or so. My electric bill was reduced by more than half! Now I live in an upstairs apartment which certainly enjoys some of the heat rising from my downstairs neighbor, so I have managed to get from April to now with $80 of propane and $30 in a bit of extra electricity for the space heater that keeps my tiny “living chamber” at a moderate 50-something degrees. Sure i dress for outside – inside, but I take comfort in the words of a Russian friend who assured me that if your nose is not cold, the room is too warm.

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