Yesterday we were both busy and not around much.  By this morning it had been 36 hours since the last fire died… it’s 10º outside, and the whole house is in the high 30’s.  J. lit the fire.  Okay.

3 Responses to “Uncle”

  1. AnnMarie Says:

    Do you have canned goods both store and homemade? Do you have to worry about them freezing?

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      Hm. Good question. Not much in the way of home-canned. Usually a few random store-bought cans around. But it really doesn’t get below freezing in the kitchen. J. would scream before the cans burst; it would alert me to light the fire. (Plus, a can is a pretty massive thing, compared to a pipe… would have to be cold quite a while to freeze a can!)

  2. John Says:

    It would also have to be a bit below freezing, seeing how the contents aren’t pure water.

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