5 Responses to “Raaaaar!”

  1. Linda Naslund Says:

    That cat’s no fool!

  2. Heather Says:

    i see submission to lol cats in your future. Or does Cold House Journal now get more hits than lol cats now that you’re all famous and shit?

  3. sara Says:

    Great one. That looks like one of those fake fires…

  4. Mountain Man Says:

    Sara it is a real fire all you have to do is look at the dirt on the lip of the woodstove. Great pic !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cute Kitty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  5. Lindy Says:

    That cat’s got it right! I’ve got a cat that naps by our space heater. More power to you all if you can deal with the cold! Unfortunately, I have a couple health conditions which leave me for a very poor tolerance for cold — although it’s not a bad idea to insulate the house well, and try to use less gas to heat.

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