Sorry for the disappearance.  I forgot to mentiont that we were going on a little four-night vacation.  Yes, it was warmer were we went… maybe too warm!  But when mom, dad, brother, sister in law, niece and nephew are all gathered in one place, and you want to see them all, well, that’s where you have  to go.  Even if it is on a beach in the sun.

Before we left it was forecast to be “warm” enough here (highs in mid-30’s, lows in low-20’s) that I would’ve been quite comfortable leaving the house to its own devices while away, but the kitties would’ve been unhappy without some company. So we had a very brave housesitter, one of J.’s classmates, who was strangely eager to experience the Cold House.  She seems to have survived (she is a native Mainer, I’m sure that helps).  Got me thinking that maybe we should start marketing our place as some sort of “adventure” or “reality” B&B.  Charge big bucks for a cold night.  Like people who pay to spend the night in an igloo, or an ice hotel.

Anyway, we’re back.  It’s 47º in here this morning.

3 Responses to “Back”

  1. Rev. Cold Says:

    That is pretty good idea and I am sure someone would do it. My 76 yr old father came to visit Thursday night. So the wife turns up the heat to 68. I asked her if I should turn it down and she says “well it is your dad” and I said what about 60? Same response. My dad gets up the next day and tells how hot he was and at his house the only reason their heat is on 62 is because that is all the lower his wife will let him put it on! I just looked at my wife and started laughing.

  2. adelina Says:

    I like the idea of charging people to come into a cold house and to experience it. I think that after a few nights they might even like it and decide to change something within their lives.

    I love my own “cold house” and I think once you get used to it, everyone would want to change.

  3. Luke Says:

    So much better for you once you get over it and get used to it.

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