The weather is altogether unpleasant, with a big wet nor’easter swarming down and drowning us in cold rain.  We could really use a nice snowstorm, but what we’ve got is 39º, 35 mph wind, and pelting water.  The basement is flooding, the entryway is flooding, my shoes flooded.  There are no redeeming features.  The whole house has equilibrated at about 49º.

J. and I have been discussing when the official end of “heating season” will be declared (last year, it was March 1.)  Things are a little different this year, since we don’t have a furnace to ceremoniously flip off.  We disagree a bit on when fire should stop– I’d probably be fine with last week, while J. might prefer late March.  She has proposed March 7 (she is hosting a baby shower here that day, so sooner is probably out of the question) with the stipulation that we could have a fire later if we get a snow storm (I think that would be more for the comforting aesthetic than the actual heat.)  I have pretty much acquiesced, though I may counter-stipulate that any such fires will be made with kindling only.  I’m trying to have wood left to get through next winter, too.

3 Responses to “Ick”

  1. Janet Says:

    I think you should host a house “warming” for all of us who live locally and enjoy reading your updates…..

  2. Rev. Cold Says:

    UGH! Wet cold is the worst. I really feel for ya. Right now it is 29 here in SO MO. Chimney man is coming next week and I am going to make this place glow red hot as soon as he leaves.

  3. Wife of College Roomate Says:

    I think that you should go along with whatever J. wants. She deserves it for two years of “cold” experimenting!

    Said from my warm house of 59 to 61 degrees which many of our extended family members think is freezing.

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