One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

The Guardian posted an article today entitled “Five Of The Best Interiors Blogs”– and guess whose blog was on that top-five list?!  Well, not ours. But, the author did list Cold House Journal among five runner-up “Other homes blogs we love…”

Which is extremely complimentary, but also kind perplexing.  All the other blogs in the article focus on interior design, cool and funky home furnishings, fabric, color, patterns, and in general how to make your home beautiful, appealing, and awesome-looking.  Whereas our blog is about, well, how to deal with being cold in your house, and features ultra-low-fashion accessories such as yeti hats and square pieces of rock.  Maybe we got some points for the custom polished copper-sheet heat shield and hand-laid travertine hearth (with matching dinner-table trivets) we built for the wood stove? (Seems like a stretch, but it’s all I got.)

Anyway, I sort of feel like we crashed a black-tie event wearing Bean boots.  Sorry if we’re making a mess.  Thanks for inviting us.  We’ll step back outside now.


12 Responses to “One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others”

  1. Janet Says:

    you are toooo funny! You put a smile on my face!

  2. val Says:

    I can think of many black-tie events that need a crashin’ with bean boots.

  3. icerabbit Says:

    Congrats on the top 10 listing & LOL @ bean boots @ black-tie event!

  4. acrisis Says:

    (Icerabbit’s spouse) I was impressed by your reclaiming the heat from the dishwasher. I felt less wierd about leaving my spent Keurig cups out on the counter to reclaim the heat before discarding them. I was also quite excited at the prospect of knowing other “cold house” people who would be potential guests at our cold house ….”Villa Lapin.” For some reason, guests are usually put off by entering a dwelling with a temp at 55 degrees, but in your case it may provide a warm retreat. The heating pad for the MBPN reporter also a nice touch I will add to our guest options. We also use the heating mattress pad and provide one for overnight guests. We have used a heating pad in the cats bed in the past. Congrats on the international exposure.

  5. Rev. Cold Says:

    I think keeping the house at 55 is how you find out who your REAL good friends are! My wife won’t let me test that theory though as she makes me turn on the heat when we have company. 😦
    Congrats on the Guardian mention! BTW-This is the only blog I read.

  6. girltuesday Says:

    i dunno, D, i can see how you were let in the door to the party: that Jøtul woodstove of yours is quite gorgeous. i love the cream colour and the tiles you paired it with? a flash of decor genius, really. and let’s not forget the lovely hanging handmade quilt from J’s family. i’d say you’ve got style in droves!

    • brushfiremedia Says:

      Wait, gt… You’ve gotten to see it? You’ve gotten an invitation to the cold house? D, what gives?!

      • girltuesday Says:

        b. i stalked him on move-in day. i figured i helped them move out of the old cold house, i was allowed to see what new cold house looked like!

  7. Ms Meanie Says:

    I saw your website in The Guardian yesterday and was dead keen to log on – I do have heating in my house, but it is set at a very miserly 15 degrees (sorry maths, and I used to do farenheit but thermostats always in centigrade). It’s also on for relatively short periods.

    How do you cope with clothes? I’m always dressed in thermals and 2 jumpers at home but absolutely bake when I go to other people’s homes and at work I really have to strip down.

    How do you get your clothes dry? Do you have a tumble drier? We don’t and it can mean clothes hanging around the house for a long time. I’d also like to get a high riser curtain for front door, but I think my hallway is too narrow .

    I also live with teenage daughter, who constantly complains bitterly about the cold but hey, all teenagers go out in winter with skimpy leggings, high heels and hot pants, and no coat, so can’t take complaint seriously.

    Sadly, myself, in bed – as George Mikes said ‘Continental people have sex life; the English have hot water bottles’

  8. Dagny Says:

    Like Ms Meanie, I saw your blog listed on the Guardian website yesterday and I’m glad I did. I live in Glasgow, Scotland in an old tenement flat without any central heating, just an open fire (with a back boiler) and I started a blog ( over Christmas because I love my old, shambolic flat which is thoroughly undesigned, but home to stuff I collect, make and find. I wanted to write about living in a place – my place – and enjoying that place without any compulsion to renovate or “improve” it. I’ve written about other places I find myself in too…I wish I’d found your blog sooner! For Ms Meanie re. clothes – I take mine to the launderette in winter and I have a rack over the bath/clothes line in summer. I should put you all on to a website documenting communal living in old (communist) Russian apartments –

  9. charlotte Says:

    I read about you in the paper as well. I think your blog is great (love the square pieces of rock!) and a good contrast to the other home blogs around.

  10. Rod Sharp Says:

    I’m a big fan of your blog and I read it regularly. Keep up the great work!

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