Nearing The End – Who’s In?

The big swirling storm that lingered around here for the past five days has finally blown itself out to sea.  With the clouds gone this morning, I noticed another landmark towards warmer living: for the first time since we moved here, the sun is obliquely eeking in through the north-facing windows.  Huzzah!  It’s 30º outside, 50º in the kitchen, and there’s been no fire in the stove in over 36 hours.

This is all good news as we approach the end of semi-heating season.  The cut-off for the wood stove is scheduled for this Sunday (March 7).  We might not need it in the interim at all, except when the party of expectant mothers etc. is going on, but J’s going to be home more than I am so it’s in her hands.

Anyway, we want to know who else will join for the Great Heat Shut-Off!  Basically, you just need to turn off your furnace, or shut off your thermostat, or stop feeding your wood stove, or whatever it is you have.  And put away your space heaters. Simple as that.  Take the poll, and leave a comment/pledge.

(If you’re not sure whether your location is colder or warmer than coastal Maine, you can use this map, or find the mean March temperature for your location– here is is 34ºF / 1ºC)

6 Responses to “Nearing The End – Who’s In?”

  1. Janet Says:

    wish I could sign up but we are actually coming into a very cold time in our house. For whatever reason our house does not warm up much during the day so the nighttime cold sticks around so the furnace is needed to “take the chill out”. But even with the transplant Californians and a baby in the house this winter the furnace is not coming on as often now.

  2. girltuesday Says:

    as of yesterday, we turned the heat off altogether during the day. with ambient heat from sun exposure + generally warmer temps + second floor living, the apartment is usually between 55-58 when we get home at night. not bad (and usually the temp to which we “heated”). turn the thermostat to about 50 at night and then off again during the day.

  3. J Says:

    Very admirable, gt!

  4. Rebecca Says:

    Mine has been off since the weekend. It was 49 downstairs this morning, but I was warm under a pile of cats last night. I live in Memphis so this summer will be the test for me.

  5. icerabbit Says:

    March 7? That’s brave.
    I think it will be another few weeks for us. We’re starting to see solar gain during the day, now that the sun rises over the trees a bit more and the nights are warmer, but we still depend on the furnace in the morning (to take the chill out and boost the house) and the wood stove at night (to boost the den for some relaxed time & bedroom).
    Maybe if we had no cloudy days?
    I did turn off the thermostat in the garage about 3 weeks ago though and unplugged the space heater in the extra bathroom as well 🙂

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