Firing Down

The big day is here.  Things have already been winding down– I’ve been away since Wednesday, but J. reports only one fire since then, and that  only because she was hosting a cupcake-decorating party yesterday.  But today is the last scheduled fire* (to warm the house a bit for a baby shower event.)  (Would you accept an invitation to a baby shower at this place?  These are brave people.)

It’s 36º out this morning, but sunny, and the kitchen is still holding the cupcake-fire-heat well at 55º.  The forecast for the next 10 days is showing highs generally around 44º, and lows around 33º.  We should be fine from here out.  I’ll post a summary of our whole-winter heating-fuel usage soon.

(* As previously noted, possible exception to be made in the case of a big snowstorm.  But alas, nothing of the sort in sight.)

3 Responses to “Firing Down”

  1. icerabbit Says:

    Spring is in the air and in our solarium it feels like summer: 70F with abundant sunshine. Heavenly. We have been most excited with 10+F of solar gain during the daytime the past two days. The house is 68F right now. Our furnace was only on this early morning and I hope from this week forward we’ll need it less and less.

  2. Rev. Cold Says:

    Does this mean CHJ is going into hibernation mode? Call me a turncoat if you will, but I got my chimney installed on Friday. Burn baby burn!

  3. One Month Left? « Cold House Journal Says:

    […] season in more-than-full swing, it’s funny to think that we’re only a month away from the day when we shut down the heat altogether last year.  And a short month, at that.  No specific date in mind for firing-down this year, but it will […]

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