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Reviewing the WordPress data for this blog, I find that many people arrive here after Googling phrases such as “how keep cold house warm”, “how cold too cold for cats”, or “heat bathroom with tub water”.   This is all very expected.  Today, however, I find that one reader stumbled on Cold House Journal after Googling “Where did Thoreau go potty”.

Fascinating.  I have mentioned Thoreau, but I don’t think I have used the word “potty” in any post, so I’m not sure how my blog got linked with this important question.  But since it has arrived at my doorstep, I’ll take a stab at it.  My first inclination is to answer, half tongue-in-cheek, “At Emerson’s house”– and this was likely often true.  While at Walden Pond I imagine he might have had an outhouse, but probably just went in the woods– I don’t recall any mention of outhouse-building in Walden, and it would seem unlike him to devote labor and materials to building a little palace to “go potty” in.  On thing’s for sure– he didn’t waste any heat with a flushing toilet.

Today, about 600,000 people (roughly the entire population of Massachusetts, in Thoreau’s day) visit Walden annually.  In homage to Thoreau, many of these visitors continue the tradition of crapping near, or possibly even in, the water.  Leading to problems.

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2 Responses to “More History”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Interesting, on the google search terms. I tried to replicate the search, but I didn’t get it. I did, however, in my Thoreau going potty search, see a *lot* of pages that were vaguely familiar to me, but which only used some of the search terms. I realized that google was doing a personalized search, with a much higher weighting on pages in my feed subsciptions or associated with any of my email contacts. So my theory is that the potty intrigue was someone who you know. I’d totally take credit for me if it was me!

    As an aside, I did not jump to toileting – I thought where did Thoreau go potty meant, at what point did he give up pretending to be fully sane. I must rethink referring to myself as a potty spinster one of these days, perhaps.

  2. Acrisis Says:

    Roflmao with tears streaming down my cheeks (the ones under my eyes) with today’s post and comment. Now I’m wondering where Wilhelm Reich went potty… Was it part of the orgone box?

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