Brr.  Slight speedbump today– it was clear and cold overnight.  20º out this morning, and 47º here in the kitchen.  Need some hot coffee…

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  1. Bridget Says:

    Better you than me! I’m snugged by my wood burning cookstove with a nice hot cup of Rooibus and expecting to be here into June. But the corners of our house are chilly, though probably not a chilly as yours with your March 7 retired fire. brr indeed.

    But the sun is offering a wonderful warmth to the day.

  2. icerabbit Says:

    Yes, we’re in for a few more chilly nights.

    I’ve found it warm enough to start tearing down some 100yr old horsehair plaster walls … with two windows or the front door open and a fan blowing airborne dust out one window.

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