Just Weird

Last Saturday it hit 70º out.  I saw people down at the town dock wearing bikinis.  Today, it’s snowing.  Just weird.

4 Responses to “Just Weird”

  1. Rev. Cold Says:

    Friday it was 70 and sunny here in southern MO. Saturday we got 6″ of snow and 10 miles north of us got 12. Today it is back to 70.
    Weird indeed.

  2. theory seminar Says:

    in chicago we also had 60 then snow last saturday. love your blog!

  3. James Says:

    Love the spring time weather! Today in New Hampshire it started with rain, then progressed to snow, beautiful blue skies now.

  4. icerabbit Says:

    I was wearing shorts & t-shirts most of last week 🙂

    My big question is what will happen at the cold house tonight to stay warm with temps dipping into the teens?

    Will you fire up the wood stove at all? Or the space heaters? Or just live your way through it ?

    It’s low twenties here (outside of course) and I doubt we’ll have much solar gain if we get more clouds, so I’ve got the wood fire going since this morning.

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