Cold, Redux

icerabbit Says: My big question is what will happen at the cold house tonight to stay warm with temps dipping into the teens?  Will you fire up the wood stove at all? Or the space heaters? Or just live your way through it ?”

Oh, we’ll just live our way through it!  It is super-strange, though: last Saturday, 70º out.  This Saturday morning, 19º.  It’s 47º in the kitchen right now, a temp we haven’t seen in a while.  But the super-clear skies that led to the cold night are also promising a bright, sunny morning; if clouds don’t roll in, and we open the right shades, I think we’ll have it up to 60º in here by afternoon.  In the meantime, I’m going to make some waffles.

One Response to “Cold, Redux”

  1. icerabbit Says:

    That was very brave. We were toasty by the wood fire.

    The past few rainy days, we’ve still had the furnace on in the morning and the wood stove on at night. Today we’re back onto solar gain 🙂

    The heating oil company delivered and all things considered we did quite good for the season, but I have to factor the supplemental wood heat and mild winter into the equasion.

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