Well, it rained for five straight days here, and in the cold, wet, shadowy world we were forced to fire up the wood stove again.

Ha ha!  JK!  April Fools!

No, we did not do that.  But it has been a bit unpleasant.  Rather than cold, per se, it has just been dank.  That feeling where 40º and never-really-dry feels so much colder than 20º and crisp.  But this morning, for the first time in eons, the sun is (almost) out. I think it will be all smooth sailing from here.

2 Responses to “Relief”

  1. janet Says:

    Cold house here thanks to water in the cellar and furnace no longer works…just lovely!

  2. val Says:

    I want to thank Cold House for educating me. I’ve been staying in the new old house (1821) in Maine. It was empty for 2+ years and winterized so we don’t have heat or water. Inside was 40 and in bed under the blankets was very comfortable. I heard it went down to 12 one night. Now that I’m aware that you can survive I don’t freak out.
    I need practice with the woodstove and if I can’t keep it lit just go to bed. Not a bad thing, I’m up early to get work done around the place. Thank you for letting me know that it can be done!

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