Heat Archeology

One day last week I decided to clear out some piles of old leaves and other detritus partly blocking a drainage gully that leads away through a miniature forest in our back yard to a larger ditch.  Towards the bottom of the muck and gack I found some lumps of coal!  I don’t think we have an exposed coal vein in our neighborhood, so I assume these are artifacts from some long-gone heating system.

Our house was built in 1952, and the neighbor’s doesn’t look much older– so I would guess they both had oil heat from the start.  Which suggests to me that there was an older house on site that was torn down to make space for one of ours.  Just a guess; it’s possible that someone had a coal stove or something.

Anyway, I’m going to save these lumps till Christmas…

One Response to “Heat Archeology”

  1. Doug Says:

    Brilliant find. I’m so glad you’re keeping us updated even though the heating season is done with.

    I do miss your “crackpot” posts though, especially the heat reclamation ones. Of course, in the summer-time the advice you gave would be reversed, right? You would be better off draining hot water ASAP and using cold water since that would give free cooling.

    Did you employ any of the “crackpot” strategies this past winter, and have you put any thought toward optimizing heat transfer for the warmer months?

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