Springtime, And The Living Is Easy(ish)

Doug writes, “I’m so glad you’re keeping us updated even though the heating season is done with… Have you put any thought toward optimizing heat transfer for the warmer months?”

Well, admittedly, there’s much less to talk about in the summer, and I don’t like trying to force topics to fit the theme here.  There are some posts from last summer about trying to stay cool, rather than warm.  At the moment we’re enjoying a Goldilocks-like period of the temperature being “just right”– meaning, indoors has been holding mostly between 56º and 66º, with no help from us either way.   It is still in the 30’s some mornings here– we almost fired up the stove last weekend (after six weeks of dormancy) when we had some chilly house guests, but by the time I’d split some kindling they had acclimated (I guess I didn’t hurry with the splitting.) I don’t think we’ve had more than a day or two, though, of the whole house being up to “room temperature” (68F/20C) for any length of time.

Soon, though, I need to figure out how to get our storm windows off so we can put the screens in…

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