Well, it’s getting to the point where the house is almost up to “room temperature” most of the time.  We still have mornings where the kitchen is at 60º or below, but mostly not.  And somewhere around the end of April there was a “thermal inversion”, when the upstairs– colder than downstairs all winter– started to be the warm part of the house.

Anyway, with ambient temperatures reaching what most people consider “normal”, we decided it was time at last to have a housewarming party.  It’s coming up on Sunday, June 6– if you’re a local reader and would like to come by, send an email and I’ll get details to you.

7 Responses to “Housewarmish”

  1. Val Says:

    Hi, We are in Danvers MA and recently in Harrison ME. Because of this blog I didn’t freak out when our furnace went out for 2 days and stayed in the house in Maine without any heat (the house was at 40 and went lower than that) I just put on more covers and put on layers during the day. We love the house (built in 1821) but heating it during the winter is going to be a challenge. It gets colder in Bolsters Mills Village due to it being a valley I guess. It went to 22 about 2 weeks ago. I’d love to meet you! Sent details to my email address. I am a nurse and work every other weekend so I hope it works out that I can come.

  2. Jim Palfreyman Says:


    I started reading this blog with great interest. I live in the south of Australia and so it can get cold in winter here too.

    But I’m going to have to quit…because it’s just too hard.

    You see, the rest of the world thinks in deg C. When you talk in deg F we have no idea. It makes it impossibly hard to get a feel for what’s happening.

    As you are a US based blogger, feel free to think “too bad – that’s what we do here”, but if you’d like the rest of the world to follow your blog with ease, maybe a conversion to deg C with all temperatures?

    As a guide for yourself (as the rest of the world know this), thinking in deg C is easy:

    0 freezing
    10 cold
    20 just right
    30 very warm
    40 too hot

    Of course people from different parts of the world may disagree a bit but it’s a rough average.

    Regards and good luck.


    • coldhousejournal Says:


      Sorry to be still using the obscure ºF. Many of my posts over the winter featured dual reporting in ºF and ºC, but I guess I got lazy. On my old blog site ( I managed to put up a widget for temperature conversion… maybe I can find a new one that will work with the current site.

      The good news is, when it gets down to -40º, we’re all talking about the same temperature.

  3. Chrystine Says:

    Though I’m way tooooo far away for your housewarming party, I will think of you on the 6th. Hopefully on the 6th it won’t be up to 100 degrees yet. Writing you from Arizona…and I do truly miss the cold, even though Northern California to me was cold. Arizona in the Winter? Puuleeze what a joke. I got to wear my Uggs exactly 3 times…when it got into the low 60’s.

  4. coldhousejournal Says:

    “Writing you from Arizona…and I do truly miss the cold”

    Feel terribly sorry for you. Don’t think I could live in AZ, unless it was north of the Grand Canyon. It’s a delightful 56º here this evening : ) Might have to go get my Uggs out…

  5. Heather Says:

    Turbo in Uggs… now there’s a sight I don’t need to see.

  6. Chrystine Says:

    Thanks for the sympathy! It is truly appreciated. Arizona is not where I wanted to wind up living. Had to come here to care for my very old dad…who thinks when the ceiling fan is on and it’s 110 out, that there is a draft in the house. Yes, it is only the 5th of June and we are having a very warm weekend…may get up to 113 on the 6th. It’s time to turn into a gerbil. And yes, Northern Arizona is positively heaven. 🙂 Happy House Warming!!

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