Talking, Even Though There’s Not Much To Say

Well, the “housewarming” party was fun.  It was pouring buckets of rain, which was unfortunate.  Someone suggested that it might be fun to light just a little fire in the wood stove, so people could see what it looks like (it’s pretty), and it was a bit chill out, so I split a bit of kindling for the purpose.  But after we got ?40 people in the house it was more than warm enough– so no flames.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been three months since our last fire; I almost can’t remember it.  I’m thinking, rather vaguely, about improvements to make for next winter– but the truth is, none are pressing.  We did quite okay, in my estimation, with things as they are.

I find a lot of free firewood available out there.  People have trees fall down, and they’re eager for you to come take them away.  If I had a one-ton truck, I’d be able to get us an endless supply of free firewood.  Unfortunately a Subaru is no so good for this purpose.

I’m thinking lately about folks in the temperate southern hemisphere, who might be reading these pages at this time of year.  Hello, down under!

3 Responses to “Talking, Even Though There’s Not Much To Say”

  1. sara Says:

    LOL at least you aren’t trying to pick up firewood on the scooter.

  2. Ozarks Says:

    If your Subaru is a 5 speed put a hitch on and buy a trailer to haul wood. It can tow 1000 lbs.

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