A Change In The Weather Is Bound To Be Extreme

A five (plus?) day heat wave in New England had us sweltering in the high 90’s, dripping, breathing jungle air.  It ended with Hurricane Earl skirting our coast, pushed out to sea/Canada by a super-crisp blast of tundra-tinged air.  Now, this morning, it’s suddenly cool enough to say it’s cold out– the coldest morning in months– and for sure, someone, somewhere in Maine, just flipped the switch and turned on the furnace.


I know it’s tempting.  It will be even more tempting tomorrow morning, when the forecast has us down to 50ºF.  But it isn’t time, and the sooner you start, the colder you’ll feel all winter.

7 Responses to “A Change In The Weather Is Bound To Be Extreme”

  1. janet Says:

    Thanks to the heavy rains last Spring our basement flooded so we are without a furnace right now, so no switching on for us…..plus 80’s are coming back here in MA

  2. girltuesday Says:

    the fancy big house we’ve taken over for the fall/winter has radient heat but will not be on until october. v curious to see what it’s like this winter. you & J will have to come up for a visit!

  3. coldhousejournal Says:

    “will not be on until october” What? The heat comes on automatically?? I’m sure there’s some way you can monkey with it to prevent it from kicking on until December… I’d be happy to help : )

    P.S. Big fancy house not good for minimal heat! Suggest you start work right away on sealing off a functional “core” or “bunker”, so that the superfluous part of the manse may remain unheated!

    • girltuesday Says:

      is not connected until october! is no furnace otherwise. 🙂 also big fancy house is brand-spanking new house with fancy insulation and with many ambient heat sources (i.e. south & west facing windows) and gas stove.

  4. Rising Tide Says:

    We at the brewery couldn’t be happier about this change of weather! Also: I ran the window fan all night.

  5. Patrick Says:

    Last week in Portland just, well, sucked. I went away for two days and returned last night to a bedroom that didn’t require two fans going at full speed. I slept like a rock for the first time in a few weeks!

    No heat, not yet. I plan on starting the weather transition by shutting the windows at dusk – that’ll get us through the end of October.

  6. wila Says:

    I so agree with hold out on putting the heat on until absolutely necessary. I like to try to wait till November… but sometimes that tricky to do in SD… Besides the husband… well he has other thoughts about heat and A/C… ugh!!! I also keep wearing shorts till November and on nicer days in December… 40’s & 30’s are sometimes OK with shorts!!! Tryin’ to be tough in SD… wila

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