Cold kid

My brother in southern Florida called the other morning to report that my niece (age 3) had remarked that she was “chilly” that morning when they went outside– where the temperature was 72º.  He said they were “bundled up” against the nip in the air. Just goes to show that it really is all relative, and that 72 can feel like 42 depending what you’ve acclimated yourself to.

Meanwhile here we’re now having early-morning temperatures in the high 40’s outdoors and dropping towards 60 indoors.  No heat sources used yet, of course, but I’m intermittently roaming around the house randomly dropping storm windows, trying to get doors to seal better, etc.

3 Responses to “Cold kid”

  1. Christine Brooks Says:

    Can certainly smile about your relatives in Florida. I’m here in Arizona. Temps finally starting to cool down, if you want to call it that. Mid-90’s during the days. 70’s at night. Love throwing all the doors and windows open at 6am and letting the cool desert breezes waft through the house.

    In the winter it can get down into the 30’s and 40’s here. Since my dad died this July and will no longer need the heater cranked up to 82 degrees, and insisting on wearing his summer clothing all winter….I’ve informed everyone that the heater will NOT be going on at all. If you’re chilly, wear more clothes and your Uggs. I can hardly wait. My son is living here with me now and he’s used to seeing his breath when he gets up, so he said, No problem. I can finally start saving money for 8 months out of the year. I love a chilly house. If I want to warm up, I start cooking and baking.

  2. Christine Brooks Says:

    Have always wanted to live in New England…or maybe even Alaska for a few seasons. But, Alas, I landed in L.A. when I came to this planet. I’m a life-long Native Californian who has now been thrust in Arizona for family obligations. California weather always bored me. Some old weather all year. When I finally moved to Northern Ca I was happier…season changes, vineyards changing to vibrant colors, the smell of crisp fall in the air, the leaves blowing in waves as you drive down country roads..but would still love to see distinct seasons through the year. Since my house was left to me, and is paid for, this will remain my main home, but now I have the freedom to travel around. I truly love reading your comments. 🙂

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