Dr. D’s Magically Medicinal Hot-Hots

This morning J. was complaining that while she was not cold, her fingers were.  I started thinking about ways to try to open up some peripheral vasodilation, so that the fingers would warm up.  I remembered a bottle of “warming tonic” a naturopath friend had concocted for me about a decade ago, and fetched that out– but decided it might’ve expired.  I tried droppering some Tabasco under my tongue, and thought that might be having a good effect– but realized J. was never going to go for that.

Eventually I decided to try making some capsaicin candy.  I followed this recipe, but doubled the cayenne.  I’d never made candy before.  [When I asked J. where her candy thermometer was, she gave me an extremely skeptical look and asked me why I wanted it.  I said, “For an experiment”, which I guess confirmed in her mind that it was going to be dipped in gasoline or worse.  When I added, “An experiment in making candy”, she said, “Yeah, right.  I’d love to see you make candy.”]  But it turned out quite well!  J. not only ate the first piece I gave her, but went back later on her own and had more.  She reported that her face felt warm while “using” the candy.  I think it might be a winner.


3 Responses to “Dr. D’s Magically Medicinal Hot-Hots”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    We might need some of those over here…

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