No use of “intentional heat” the past few days, yet thanks to unseasonable weather we’ve been pretty warm.(Average kitchen temp over this span = 61.3ºF)  It’s just above freezing outside this morning, though, so things are cooling off a bit.  Tonight we have 25 or so people coming over for a Halloween party.  J. says “we’ll have to light a fire”.  I say, that many bodies produces 2,000 watts of heat (more  if they decide to start dancing)– I think we’ll have to open a window.

2 Responses to “Warmish”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    If J is really concerned, I’d start a fire early (before everyone gets there) to take the edge off then let it die off. All those people in your house will definitely keep the temps in a nice range.

  2. RevCold Says:

    It hit 26 for a low this week so I lit the first fire of the season. Of course two days later it was 70 out and only a low of 40. At least I know my stove still works. I am with you, if you have a fire going with that many people in the house it will be miserable. Don’t make yourself sick by eating too much candy. Come to think of it, that could keep you even warmer if you do.

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