Hot Time In The Cold House

Not to say “I told you so”, but it got awfully hot in here last night.  With the fire stoked prior to the party, it was 70º in here before the guests even started to arrive, and didn’t cool down once we had a house packed with people.  Before long, someone said “It’s too hot in here– we need to leave the door open!”  Back to a more normal 61º this morning.  In other news, J. announced that she believes the remaining wood supply in the cellar (+/- 0.2 cord) can last until Christmas.  I think it’s possible, but will require either more discipline or something like the Hanukkah Miracle.  I’d be very pleased if we succeeded with that, though–  it would mean we’d squeezed one full calendar year of heat from one cord of wood (I didn’t finish installing the stove until just after Xmas last year.)  We still have another dry cord untouched in the garage, and yet another of green wood seasoning outside.

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