Today’s graph is minimalist, as we were both out most of the day.  J. made a short, sharp shock of fire when she got home about 4pm.  Average for the day was 54.9º.

9 Responses to “Update”

  1. Johanna Says:

    Are you logging outside temp as well? Would be nice to run two dataloggers, and analyze decay curves (for times when neither of you is home and/or merely sleeping) to correlate rate of heat loss to temperature differential.

  2. coldhousejournal Says:

    Yes, that would be nice– but not feasible with the current equipment (this data logger model is indoor-use-only.) But it would be relatively easy to make some guesstimations, if I check outside temp at bedtime and again in the morning. What is evident already is that there IS a slight concave curve to most of the cooling graphs. With outside getting colder overnight too, you might think the house would cool linearly, or even in a concave curve, but thus far does not seem generally to be the case.

  3. Mom Says:

    Could you get the graph to put a red (maybe) line at the average temp for the day.

    Also think the previous comment would be interesting.

  4. Rising Tide Says:

    It would also be interesting to overlay the electrical usage data. Allegedly that info will be available from CMP eventually—the new meters they’re installing are capable of logging usage against time.

  5. coldhousejournal Says:

    Hm. It would be more interesting to overlay a graph of firewood-sticks-used, but that information is currently being withheld from me, so I can’t chart it.

    • Rising Tide Says:

      Well, a logbook next to the woodstove could take care of that. But I’m interested in how the electrical usage of things like: coffee maker, space heater, electric blanket, match up with the heat spikes vs the impact of fire.

      I think collecting and distributing the data could be a full time job!

      • coldhousejournal Says:

        “Well, a logbook next to the woodstove could take care of that.”
        Only if the person putting logs on the fire records them in the log book. So far this year I have put no logs on the fire.

  6. J. Says:

    Nothing is being withheld, it’s just not being counted. We can’t all be entirely focused on these details! I have what are, in my opinion, more important details to focus on– pharmacodynamics and pathophysiology.

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