I think I’ll stop boring my reader(s) with daily graphs after this.  Maybe once every four days from now on.  Average yesterday = 59.1º.

7 Responses to “Saturday.”

  1. Rev Cold Says:

    Good! I miss wit and wisdom! Get me all excited and then “Oh, it’s just another graph.”

  2. Rising Tide Says:

    Can we get an annotated weekly graph? Maybe with an NWS temperature graph overlay?

  3. coldhousejournal Says:

    Uh… annotation yes, NWS temperature graph overlay maybe…

  4. Val Says:

    I got a few temperature and humidity trackers for the house in Maine. We have a oil tank in the basement and I ended up getting regular oil delivered to that one and K-1 to the tank in the garage. Since we are only at the house off and on I really don’t know how cold it gets. I also have what I’ve decided is a root cellar in the basement. I need another thermometer to record the highest and lowest in that space. The walls are double lined and its really well built. Tight joints and seams even along the stone floor.
    The wood stoves where all taken from the former owner. I have a stove company coming out to do a site review. There are multiple chimneys, the main one has 5 fireplaces and the furnace off of it. The chimney in the dinning room stands along. There is a hearth and chimney in the kitchen and a chimney in the sun-room that once was a greenhouse with a wood-stove. That last chimney has the forced hot air furnace on it.
    We also have a cottage with a field-stone fireplace and chimney.
    The stove company is recommending pellet stove but I don’t want to be tied into pellets, especially if we don’t’ have any power.
    I am trying to educate myself and will take any input.
    We can’t buy all now but I want to come up with some sort of plan.
    I love this old (1821) house!
    Right now our burner has been out since Friday at the house in MA. Thanks to following cold house I’m not freaking out. (my husband is the one freaking out)
    I just put on another sweater and wool socks!

  5. coldhousejournal Says:

    “The stove company is recommending pellet stove but I don’t want to be tied into pellets… will take any input.”

    I think pellet stoves are fine for what they are– especially if convenience is #1 priority for you. But I am highly in favor of real wood stoves and am very glad I went that route (the previous owner had a pellet in this house, but I let him take it with him & put the wood stove in its place.) I could not bear to be tied to electricity to make my stove run. I love seeing each real, unique piece of wood that go into the stove– a much different aesthetic than a billion identical processed pellets. I love that when a friend’s tree falls down in their yard, we can turn it into fuel. And I love watching the ever-changing beauty of of the fire.

  6. Val Says:

    Thanks for your reply. I feel the same way. I missed your open house last spring but home to make it this year. I’m a nurse and have to work every-other weekend. Thanks to your form I still have no heat here in Mass. We are about 20 min North of Boston. The house is holding at 62. A chicken is in the oven and keeping the kitchen and dinning room warm. No panic on my part, I told the service company they can wait to tomorrow and if more of their customers look up your form there will be less “No Heat” panic calls.
    You and all “Cold House” followers have been a inspiration!
    My house in Maine is truly a very cold house. I love that house!

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