199 Sticks Of Wood On The Wall

It’s becoming a realistic possibility, though I still would not say probability, that our first cord of firewood will last a full 365 days.  To get a better grasp on the odds, I counted the wood.199 pieces left (ranging in size from medium to pretty tiny.) Factoring in a few days we’ll be away around Christmas, we’d need to average about 6.7 sticks per day to reach the one-year mark.  Can it be done?

(For comparison, here is the same pile when it was untouched:

6 Responses to “199 Sticks Of Wood On The Wall”

  1. Heather Says:

    Um, Turbo? You just numbered all of the sticks on your woodpile. You do realize that right? I think there is a DSMIV for that…

  2. Lars Rynning Says:

    I think it depends partly on the efficiency of your stove. What kind do you use? I am currently using only my wood stove. I’ve got a 20-30 year old Jotul 602 and 6-7 logs per day would keep the indoor temp about 15 degrees warmer than outdoors I think. And can you overlay outdoor temps on your graphs?

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      We have a newer Jøtul F3CB, which is allegedly “over 75% efficient” (whatever that exactly means– I can tell you that compared to older stoves I’ve lived with, it produces much less smoke up the chimney and much less ash-per-log.)

      15º warmer than outdoors at the moment would be keeping us at about 36º this morning… not quite enough for domestic peace, alas. Some of these “logs” are also pretty small– like 2″ across : )

      “can you overlay outdoor temps on your graphs?”
      Not so easily. If someone at Onset would like to send us a fancier data logger with multiple, outdoor-safe sensors, I’d be excited to provide indoor/outdoor overlay graphs and a product review! But with the existing technology here, not really feasible.

      • Rising Tide Says:

        Turbo, does the data logger output raw data that you could utilize? I suspect that we could put together a graphing macro that would take the datalogger’s raw data and raw data from NWS and create a graph from those.

  3. Conversation « Cold House Journal Says:

    […]  You think?  I don’t know.  Last year I put numbers on some of the wood, to help estimate how long it would last.   People made fun of […]

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