Yet More Google Queries

Here are some of the latest inquiries that landed people on this blog, and my efforts to address their questions.

1)  Is it harder to heat cold house?

Actually it is easier to heat a cold house.  The colder it is, the less work to keep the temperature steady.  When the house is as cold as outside, it’s especially easy to keep it there.

2)  Is it safe to live in a very cold house?

Yes.  It is safer than a warm house, in fact, because it will not attract stray tigers, black mambas, and other dangerous, escaped tropical animals seeking a warm place of refuge.

3)  Is having a cold house good?

It is not only good– it is the best.

4)  How to keep a cold house warm

Perplexing.  Bordering on a philosophical question.  I am not qualified to answer, sorry.

5)  Does cold weather lower water pressure?

Ohhhh, my friend– I fear your pipes have frozen.  I hope you’ve figured this out by now.

6)  Living in 55 degree house unhealthy

Are you telling, or asking?  We have not found it unhealthy at all.

7)  How cold does it have to be for indoor pipes to freeze

Unless you run salt water or propylene glycol in your pipes, the answer is: 32ºF/0ºC.  Coincidentally, the answer is the same for outdoor pipes.

8 )  Stomach virus in cold house or warm

Good question.  I guess, to be truthful, if I had to have a stomach virus, I might rather suffer through it in a slightly warmer house than what we have here.  But really, it’s going to be miserable either way.

9)  Bubble wrap keep house warm

Yes!  This is a great idea.  I love the bubble wrap window treatment.

10)  Sleeping bag in cold house

I’ve done it.  It’s cozy.  If you want ultimate luxury, use a hair dryer to “inflate” your bag for about 60 seconds before you crawl in.

11)  How to heat up very cold toilet

Really, the usual way is the simplest and best.  It’s only a moment of shock.

12)  Were are cold duck vents located in a room

The cold duck vents are usually located along cold duck migratory flyways.  If you can’t find them, try to see where the warm ducks come in during the summer.  Usually the cold duck vents are on the opposite side of the room.

13) Where does a bathroom fan blow the air out?

In the past, most U.S. bathroom fans vented to Manitoba.  Since NAFTA, however, the great majority of bathroom fans now vent to a rotating roster of countries such as Paraguay and China, depending on who provides the lowest bid for a given year.  Some homeowners have routed their bathroom fans to blow the air directly outside of their own houses, but this is frowned upon by code officers.

14)  Frozen living room

Again, not sure if this is a statement, a question, or a suggestion.  To me this sounds like a novel and creative dessert for a festive occasion.  If you wind up making one, I’d love to see photos and have the recipe.  Thanks.

15)  Living in cold home consequences

It does something to your brain.  You start writing blogs like this, and you wind up on The Weather Channel.

2 Responses to “Yet More Google Queries”

  1. Heather Says:

    We just found out that our bathroom fan blows the air into the insulation in the attic. Methinks this is an unhealthy solution. Paraguay would be far preferable.

    • coldhousejournal Says:

      Wow– that is bad! What is there– just a duct that goes through the ceiling into the attic, and ends there? Horrors. So long as you’re remodeling, may I suggest a small dehumidifier as a replacement?

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