First Snow!

And it’s about time!  Definitely behind schedule this year.

Looking ahead, the weather forecast gives the following predicted low temps over the next week:  29-28-26-23-21-18-16…  So I guess it’s going to be getting chillier.  So far we are doing surprisingly well with that wood pile in the cellar, but I’m still skeptical about it lasting out the year.

3 Responses to “First Snow!”

  1. Rising Tide Says:

    All 2 seconds of it…

  2. Jane Says:

    Yeah, last year at this time we’d already been well buried in snow for 6 weeks or so, and much, much colder than it’s been this fall. My broccoli is still producing delicious little heads. We’ve been having bouts of a few flakes of snow the last couple of days, but not enough to actually accumulate. I tihnk we’re likely to get a bit more than that tomorrow, but still not much.

    Very much hoping it holds off because I just got two cords of firewood dumped on my grass yesterday that I’d really like to get stacked and off the ground and not have buried in a pile for the next three or four months.

  3. girltuesday Says:

    (1) digging the “snow fall” here on CHJ; (2) sorta disappointed that the numbered logs are not being burned in order. (no judgment, of course, just an unfortunate mix of curiosity + anal retentiveness.) how many logs left?

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