Emergency! Cover The Oranges, And Wrap The Kids!

My brother and sister-in-law in Florida received an automated phone call from the Broward County School Department yesterday, warning of the “dangerously cold weather” coming over the next couple days.  Parents were advised to provide gloves, hats, etc. for the kids, and, according to my brother, to be “vigilant for cold-related dangers in general”.  My brother pulls my leg all the time, so I had to check, and in fact it’s true– the school district “declared a cold weather emergency, noting that “temperatures are predicted to be in the mid to upper 30’s for a couple of hours around sunrise both mornings” (emphasis mine).

Even with this “cold emergency”, Broward County’s nighttime low temps right now are warmer than our daytime high temps, and their daytime temps are about what we have mid-summer.  So it’s a little hard not to guffaw at this.  But I think it really does point out, yet again, that it takes some time to adapt to different temperature extremes.

Still, it seems a little extreme that my nephew was sent to school wearing his big winter parka, and returned home at the end of the day reporting that he had not taken it off all day.  Apparently, someone suggested that he keep it on, so he did.  If he’s already wearing parkas inside, I think he’s ready to visit me in the winter.

(Some previous similar amusement from Florida here.)

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