School Closed — Heat Broken

Our local high school kids got the day off today, because the heating system broke.  I see a bunch of them milling around in the park across from my office.  Outside.  Where it’s currently 23º.  Surely the school building is warmer than 23º, even with the boiler only “operating at about 25%”?


8 Responses to “School Closed — Heat Broken”

  1. Rising Tide Says:


  2. Patrick Says:

    Yeah, I spotted the irony too… I spotted a bunch of kids screwing around in Monument Square, in the cold.

    Hey, commenter Rising Tide – are you connected to them, or just an early fan?

    • Rising Tide Says:

      I am them…

      • Patrick Says:

        Oh, awesome! I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to get to GLB last week and meet you in person. All in good time, however…

      • Patrick Says:

        Oh, and I understand that “them” is just you (and your wife), Nathan, based on what I have read.

      • Rising Tide Says:

        Yup, mostly just me! Though, Heather helps out quite a bit as well. Hopefully we’ll get a chance to meet sometime in the future. Cheers!

      • coldhousejournal Says:

        And while we’re talking about Rising Tide, I’ll mention that the brewery is pretty chilly, too! I was over there one day and the brewer was working at about 55º. I understand that the heat has to be turned on eventually, though, or the fermentation grinds to a halt…

      • Rising Tide Says:

        Sadly the heat has been fired up at the brewery. As coldhousejournal mentions, both fermentation and conditioning require a certain amount of warmth. But on brew days I shut it down and leave the bay door open, so it gets nice and refreshing then…

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